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The Foundational Reading Skills Special Interest Group is an organization affiliated with the International Literacy Association. We are a group of teachers and educators who enjoy talking about topics of interest related to the foundational skills of reading including phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, word work, fluency and comprehension.

Resources are available on the individual pages listed across the top of this webpage. If you are interested in phonics resources, go to the phonics page. Interested in vocabulary or work work? Go to the vocabulary or word work page, etc.

Join us in our conversation about foundational reading skills. You can contribute thoughts and ideas by Tweeting @foundreadskill  You can also send in items you would like to post or have linked to the webpages in order to share information or your expertise in foundational reading skills.

To join the conversation is easy!  Membership is free for any member of the International Literacy Association (ILA). To join, send an email using the contact page below, be sure to include a mailing address and your ILA member number. You will be added to a list serve and receive occasional updates on the special interest group's activities.


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